Weight Control

Success Starts with You!
Aging, stress, and your daily schedule play a big role in your weight.

Weight Loss Programs

Matching your personality, your body's phase of aging, your stress level and your schedule with your weight loss program is important. Also, note that there are several phases of weight loss and at each stage you might need to adjust your approach to losing the next set of pounds. For example, the first week of weight loss will be different than your 10th week of weigh loss because of your body's changing metabolism, changing nutritional needs, and emotional changes created by a new body image and success/failure patterns. No weight loss program is completely successful for all people. No weight loss program is perfectly adhered to by each person either. Success is measured by the overall out-come, not the perfect adherence or the failure to be perfect with the program.

Dr. Carol Francis tailors weight loss programs individually and combines hypnotherapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, deep self-exploration, nutrition counseling and fitness programs. These programs are progressive and follow the success of the individual. Body-image and issues of perfectionism or self-loathing are important to address as well.

The KISS Method of Weight Loss is another intervention that motivates individuals to address multiple layers of body-health management simultaneously which is actually the most successful way of tackling weight loss. This KISS Method of Weight Loss is discussed on Dr. Carol Francis Radio Show-Click this show here: KISS METHOD OF WEIGHT LOSS.

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Menopause and Weight Gain

Menopause is another dimension of a woman's weight gain phase of aging. Men too have a “meno-pause” caused by the loss of testosterone and the increase in estrogen. You can learn more about each of these complications through Dr. Carol Francis Radio Talk Show or YouTube.com/DrCarolFrancis.

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Weight Management and Post 45 Weight Gain

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