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Dr. Carol Francis works with athletes, professional, student and amateur. Call to discuss your needs and goals 310-543-1824.

Dr. Francis works to enhance athletes' mental game, body-mind interface, and reduce psyche-out issues. Skill-sets, drills, and practices also are enhanced by several brain

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entrainment devices and techniques, body-mind exercises, and positive habituations. Competition preparation, shrewdness and toughness are competently harnessed with these many diverse tools and techniques.

So athletes work to enhance the following to Dr. Carol Francis:

  • motivation
  • mental endurance
  • focus and concentration
  • overcoming fear or hesitation
  • dominating "balances" needed
  • visual mentalizations
  • brain entrainments
  • mental toughness
  • enhance drills, practices, practice competitions, skill-set rehearsals
  • enhance mind-body interface, coordination
  • observational capacities to enhance competition
  • navigate "psyche-out" moments
  • strategies for psychological game with self and opponents
  • competition preparedness and toughness

With additional tools of Neuro biofeedback equipment and rTMS related motor cortex stimulation as well as dorsal rTMS related to motivation. Here is what some of the equipment looks like.

Additionally, hypnosis, self-hypnosis, guided visualization related to cybernetics, mind-body mindfulness work are powerful tools to add to an athletes skills, training, and game performance. Some equipment used include Halo Sport, Muse, Neurosky and related equipment, rTMS, HeartMath, Wild Divine, Unity, Emotiv.

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Sports Psychology & Sports Performance & Self-Improvement &

Excellence Training & Make Life Happen Now Life Coaching ™

The science of how the mind, brain functions, thoughts, emotions, and cognitive processes can affect an athletes' performance began in the 50's but became clearly studied in the 1970's. Since that time many techniques for improving athletic skills have developed using hypnotherapy, NLP, Cybernetics, Cognitive-Behavioral Techniques, Emotive Techniques, Brain Entrainment, Mindfulness, and related therapies.

MLHN Excellence Training is an off-shoot of these approaches. Dr. Carol Francis utilizes her trade-marked technique package she calls Make Life Happen Now Life Coaching ™ or MLHN Life Coaching ™ . She integrates her studies as a nutrition counselor, fitness counselor, Clinical Psychologist, Licensed MFC Counselor, Certified Hypnotherapist, Certified NLP Counselor and creates individualized programs for those wishing to improve their golf swing, skating, running, basketball, baseball, bowling, etc. Your body and your mind are one unit which always can work in the “zone” or “zen” or “optimal” ways. MLHN Life Coaching is fun, empowering, effective and with many applications throughout your life.

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