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Fun exercises that can enhance attention, focus and concentration skills
for adults and children


Children vary by age and personality in their ability to pay attention, focus and concentrate. Clearly, if your child’s teacher or you can not capture your child’s attention long enough to teach one concept or bit of information, his/her education and social cooperativeness will be hampered.

Diagnosing Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD or ADHD), is a fairly straightforward procedure and the help now available for treating such complications is quite attainable. However, if your child’s attention is due to emotional states (worries, sadness, loss, chaos, fears), psychotherapy or play therapy is more likely helpful.

We teach fun exercises that can enhance attention, focus and concentration skills for adults and children. The first step is to know your style and strengths in terms of you or your child's ability to attend, focus and concentrate. After that is determined, exercises are refined that implement your natural ability to tuning into the moment, information or conversation. Whether in a corporate luncheon, club meeting or classroom, these exercises are fun, enlightening and usable--immediately.

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