Childhood Depression & Anxiety

Consider your child's social situation. Rise of divorce, impact of scary world events, drugs, violence, sexual predators, academic pressures, money angst, overwhelming schedules, extracurricular activities, or distractions created by dual income parenting...

Their list of socially depressing or anxious situations is endless.

Teens and children are more exposed to situations that cause depression and anxiety with less natural outlets (farming, ranching, hiking, walking, chores).

Medications? In a desperate attempt to relieve depression and anxiety in

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children, medical doctors are relying more on quick interventions of psychotropic medications.  Dr. Kelly Young, a leading pediatrician practicing in the South Bay area of Los Angeles noted that these medications can be helpful in extreme situations but are being prescribed too often.

Anti-depressants or anti-anxiety medications are rarely tested and proven on children and the short term and long term effects are significant.  Dr. Carol Lamden and Dr. Kelly Young, both pediatricians, described their concern to me (Dr. Carol Francis), that children medications are too often used.  It becomes a swift avenue which doctors and parents utilize without knowing the possible side-effect.

"Therapy and Coaching as an alternative to medications or conjointly with carefully monitored medical interventions are indicated as the more optimal treatment program for teens and children who are depressed or anxious." Dr. Carol Francis

Altering circumstances, intervening with helpful forms of psychotherapy for children, as well as counseling for effective parenting are proving to be more benign and more helpful approaches.

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