Couples Marriage

From Intimacy to In-Laws
Dr. Carol Francis can help you deal with the details of your relationships. This
includes money, problem solving, in-laws, sex and much more...

Talking is a fine art between two people trying to be intimate. Misunderstandings become huge sources of pain and conflict instead of opportunities for conflict resolution and clarification. Needs and desires become difficulty to express calmly and confidently and thus two people who would rather care for each other become strangers or enemies. Solution: Communication techniques that remedy these and many other confusions and hurts in a relationship are rather easy to teach. Even the first awkward practice session of these communication techniques results in calmer feelings, growth in mutual respect and some problems are solved.

Techniques Taught Include:

  • Male/Female Language Decoding
  • Sound-Bite Complaining with the Goal of Solution
  • Problem-Solution Technique
  • Airing the Dirty Laundry and other Stinky Endeavors,
  • In-Laws - Learning to Tread Where Only the Brave Dare Travel
  • Sex
  • Money
  • Empathic Listening
  • Reflective Responding

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