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Many successful business owners and professionals in Southern California’s Redondo Beach, Manhattan Beach, Torrance, El Segundo, Palos Verdes Peninsula, Hermosa Beach, Long Beach and surrounding areas provide their insight into the essential skills to cultivate in children and adults to produce success and satisfaction. As part of our campaign to support growth, happiness, prosperity, success, we offer their points of view. For information on seminars on Excellence Training offered by Dr. Francis, call (310) 543-1824

Chris Miloe, co-owner of Albitz-Miloe and Associates , and a successful financial consultant in the South Bay area, proclaims that

“Excellence is based on Discipline. If a child learns to be disciplined in his or her endeavors, he/she will succeed at any goal”.

David Grober, owner of Motion Picture Marine Production Company in California stated that he believed,

"Excellence is trained during childhood by a firm, disciplining parental presence. Spoiling a child never produces worthwhile results."

Listen to what Successful People Describe as Essential for Success.
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