Emotional Growth Through Reading

Indulge Yourself in the Fictions & Facts of Books
Grow, be happy, be kind, laugh, cry, change.

Self-help books define and guide readers into possible understanding and solutions for their lifes' issues. Since we dwell in similar cultures and experience very similar developments throughout life, insights from others can cut-short the learning curve. No need to experience the pains and mistakes which others have mastered already.

Biographies, fictional or factual, too guide us as we resonate with their life's passages. Inspiring biographies can lift us from our stuck and myopic points of view and propel us into being more. Surviving a hardship--knowing others have survived is part of the power of identifying with heroes in books.

Attaining a status or success through various processes illustrated in such biographies can pave our way to some degree toward success. Reading about a grandmaster of some field or accomplishment can move us off our complacency into our ability to create greater than imagine. Acts of kindness by a hero in a book, can make us better people assisting others to their greater good.

Depression can be lifted by the humor of a situation, character or short story that's simply funny. Anxiety can be quailed by knowing others survived or seeing solutions to otherwise seeming disasters in life. Affirmations that one can survive, succeed and conquer, overcome depression, anxiety and passiveness as well.

Meditations over inspirational sections or provocatively moving books also can help us recapture the essence of our worthy character or soul.

The mirror of ourselves in the plot or character of some pithy fiction can also send us into worthwhile self-reflection--seeing the oops of others' mistakes or the stuck ridiculousness of sinking personalities in fiction can grab us unaware from our blind spots and waken us to change our position and points of view.

Ignorance, prejudice, unkind judgmental attitudes that only harm us and others, can be challenged and transformed by books making us more tolerant, compassionate and compatible--even relationships can be transformed by ingesting the truths of books.

So indulge yourself in the fictions and facts of books. Grow, be happy, be kind, laugh, cry, change. Make life happen! That is what Book Therapy is all about.

Dr. Carol Francis is a Clinical Psychologist, Marriage, Family and Child Therapist, Certified Medical Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master, Consultant for Divorce Resolutions/Child Custody Battles, Life Coach. She has been in these fields for over 30 years and embraces the theme that we are here to Make Life Happen to the benefit of all.

Reading Gives You Perspective
on you, your challenges and others you deal with!


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