Mothers Love And Emotional Influences On Family

The Role of Being a Mother
Being mothers, effective mothers, is a central avenue to influencing humankind.

A Mother's Love

Mother's Job Is Never Done

Women Must Survive for Family and for Self

by Dr. Carol Francis

One primary role women play in the progression of the human species is being mother. Women have more impact on generations to come, historical events, values and ethics to be cultivated than we often recognize. Being mothers, effective mothers, is a central avenue to influencing humankind.

Mothers must survive the rough times. Mothers must persevere when we are failing or being blamed. Mothers must remain excellent, stable, responsible, steady even if we are not recognized for our daily efforts.

When mothers fall apart, our families feel our distress hugely. When mothers stay strong, our families experience the sturdiness whether they know they are benefiting from our strength or not.

Mothers know they need to carry the burden of dependents. Essential survival depends on mothers. Food, shelter, safety, and health for our children most often must be steered by the mother or at least overseen.

Fundamental opportunities must be seized by mothers. Providing education, emotional health, and social skills cannot be avoided by mothers if her child is to have a chance to progress in our society.

Mother's must always cultivate a child's skill-building and personality strengths. Work-ethics, humane attitudes, and perseverance during tough times also must be ingrained in our children. Mothers can not lose focus that they play a key role in teaching these core attitudes.

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