Acts of Kindness
Produce a Sense of Meaningfulness and Powerfulness

Adults Reduce Depression by Compassionate
Acts of Service

Acts of Kindness produce a sense of meaningfulness and powerfulness. These two emotional responses fight off the chemicals and attitudes which often contribute to DEPRESSION. Helpfulness toward others fights off helplessness experienced in one’s own life circumstances and illustrates to an individual who is helplessly depressed that they have feelings of power; they can learn to create a change in their own life too. Helping others also activates a feeling of worth-whileness or value which are opposite to the symptoms of depression of feeling valueless or worthless. Helping others dynamically changes the hopelessness which leads to depression. No longer are you hopeless as you provide some hope for others.

Depression, Mindfulness, and Spiritual Practices

Since the era of meditation associated with Buddhism and Hinduism, writings have noted that a happy disposition and well-being are often associated to a spiritual mindfulness. This has been verified plenty by neurological scientists, psychological research, and all forms of research on depression. Spiritual mindfulness and the practices which often become a part of that life-style, promote well-being, peace of mind, sense of creative powers, acceptance of circumstances with a new frame-of-reference and the hope that change will occur. Mindfulness is a new field of psychology and provides another way to implement similar practices which Spiritual Mindfulness promotes yet does not require that an individual embrace any belief or faith system of living. Depression often becomes a peacefulness when Mindfulness practices of meditation, deep breathing, reflective thinking, thankfulness practices, self-hypnosis, conscious awareness raising which results in changed proactive behaviors.

You might find more ideas about how you wish to approach a lifestyle of Mindfulness by reading Spiritual Gurus, Spiritual Paths: Your Choice by Dr. Carol Francis. You can download an e-book or purchase a copy below.


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