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Satisfying relationships don't happen magically. Relationships that work take maturity, conscious efforts, positive attitudes, respectful words and actions.

Sometimes people wish to say whatever they wish to say and do whatever they want to do and then they don't want their partner - wife, husband, boyfriend, girlfriend - to react badly to horrible words and harsh angry tones.


Our words and attitudes and actions CHANGE how others feel about us.

So if we want love, workable partnerships, romance, sexual joy, friendship then we CANNOT be abusive or mean or thoughtless. We can't argue and yell if we really want to solve problems or move beyond issues. We can't be cruel or unkind and expect respect and affection in return.

I have helped thousands of couples with hundreds of different tools. Couples counseling helps millions re-capture the good feelings and the constructive behaviors.

Couples counseling grows the following skills:

Recover from abuse, infidelity, sexual dryness, chronic fights. 310-543-1824

  • Talking - not yelling; caring - not hating.
  • Listening which creates clarity, peacefulness, teamwork.
  • Understanding and caring that renew and improve connection.
  • Tolerance for differences and conflicts.
  •  Respect which leads to intimacy and cooperation with the team.
  • Affection, sexual intimacy, heart-to-heart connection, trust.
  • Stopping cruelty, disrespect, selfishness, disregard.

Dr. Carol Francis for over 40 years has worked with couples improving every aspect of their life together. During these years of experience, research, writing, and counseling, Dr. Francis has developed techniques that effectively transform couples' lives.

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Of course not all couples can recover from the years of damage and boredom that can destroy a connection forever. In these cases, divorce counseling and co-parenting after divorce helps minimize the cruelty, misunderstanding and huge family court expenses that further destroy people and their children's lives. Dr. Carol Francis helps in these situations as well with divorcing amicably and co-parenting respectfully. For more details - and 310-543-1824

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