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image Over 200 different types of meditation are available to you to help reduce your stress, worries and trauma reactions. Don't be discouraged when one type of meditation or mindfulness practice does not match your needs nor your mental style of relaxing nor reduce your emotional angsts. In my book, OWN YOUR PEACE: KISS METHOD for INNER PEACEFUL LIVING , I offer over 500 different approaches to increasing your Inner Peace and the depth of Peace you can experience.

One approach to meditating is to practice 2 minute Zen Zone Moments. Let's explore those below.

                            ZEN ZONES
Create, Discover, and Dwell in Your Zen Zones

Focus for a moment on something peaceful. Chose something simple. This easy moment can lead to a short moment of peace. Such can lead to an instant of reverie or clarity inside you. At these moments, you have entered a Zen Zone.


For some, the Zen Zone is watching the World Series, Monday Night Football, repairing engines, sewing designs, painting, reading mysteries, writing poems, meditating, singing in the shower, praying, listening to hard techno or Chopin, playing guitar, hiking, sitting in a field of flowers, writing a book, petting a cat, even watching news.

Computer programmers often describe their deep and focused concentration while coding as “being in the zone.” Gamers become lost in their battles. Authors lose themselves in writing the next chapter. Actors become immersed in characters. Surgeons shift into the deep rhythm of operating. Philanthropists feel bliss while they research causes to which they wish to contribute moneys. Lovers get lost in kissing. Organizers feel blissfully focused while cleaning or finishing projects. Hikers commune with nature and the sweat of exertion. Body builders feel the delight of muscular effort and pounding intensity.

               Clearly you see that each of us is very unique. Clearly, if you match your styles and circumstances, you will shift into your Zen Zone moments more easily

               So the first two questions are simply this:

              What are your natural Zen Zone moments?

              Do you allow yourself the pleasure of your most natural Zen Zone moments and relish the Inner Peace                    created during these sublime times?

On the other hand, if you currently are not feeling creative nor clear about how Inner Peace even feels or looks, then borrow someone else’s form of Inner Peace for a bit. Experiment with different exercises until you begin to form your own awareness of focused, calm, tranquil, at-ease moments.

Experimenting helps you discover more about you. Experimenting honors your own unique equations that add up to your Inner Peace. Those who are anxious might need a different formula for Inner Peace than those who are inclined to feel depressed. Those who love feeling productive will approach Inner Peace differently than those who need to sit still and calmly feel their quietness. Those who thrive when they are with people are quite different than those who fuel themselves during the delicious times alone. You are unique.

               Question three:

              How and where do you feel the most calmly focused and at-ease?

Menu of Zen Zone Practices

In this next section, there are several KISS METHOD Menus of Zen Zone practices for you to try. Try three to eight of them for 60 seconds throughout a day and see how each impacts your sense of peace. These are all 60-second practices, so you have no excuses. However, of course, practice them for as long as you can and wish.

Also, if you wish to have some help, my Zen Zonez album can be downloaded off the internet. Zen Zonez contains many very short meditations that are both led meditations, with my voice, and also with mood-making musical segments meant to lead you into Zen Zones inside you.

Repeat the same exercises several times a day. It will only take a few minutes. Plus, each time you repeat an exercise, you create Inner Peace quicker and deeper. The more you repeat the exercises throughout a day, the more pervasive the Inner Peace experience will become in your life affecting your body, mind, brain, surroundings and soul. You will be reducing stress hormones, increasing chemicals in your brain that produce well-being, and training your body and mind to eventually dwell in Inner Peace more naturally.

Inner Peace Mental Moments Meditations




Frown then Laugh

Yoga's Lion's Face

Shout and Yell then Laugh

Watch a Sunset or Sunrise or Moonrise

Stare at Stars (and Satellites)

Listen to Crickets

Mentally Walk in Nature

Mentally Walk through Memory of Peaceful Moments

Mentally Walk with Persons of Peacefulness

Mentally Remember a Meaningful, Gentle, Sensual KISS

Read Poems, Inspirational Writing, Journal Entries

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