Creative Blocks vs. Success Issues

vs. Stress vs. Burn-Out

Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy, Dream Work, Free Association Work, Emotional Refueling, Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy and Relational Therapy can each help Creative Blocks.

In addition, a sufficient dosage of fun, full living, cardiovascular exercise, laughter and other types of soul-freeing moments can release some writers, actors, producers, artists and creative practitioners when there is a numb and diluted feelings of lifelessness.

On the other hands, deep feelings of sadness, fear, anger or righteous indignation can stimulate the emotional juices that can stimulate creative operations. Dr. Carol Francis has worked with writers, actors, producers and artists during these dry, numb, empty, blah blocks which can dry up the internal resources needed for your professional productions. The work can awaken your passion. The work with Dr. Carol Francis can sensitize you to your style of creating and how to stimulate or respect the pacing of your creative outputs.

This therapy work can be fun, deeply stirring, insight-producing, life-changing, and freeing.

At times, perfectionism, self-sabotaging feelings, fears of success or failure, past tormenting “tapes” or pithy “statements” others repeated to you, exhaustion, ill-health via food choices or poor sleep, PTSD, or mis-matches between your creative patterns and your agent's demands for product, all contribute to many creative blocks. Contact Dr. Carol Francis to clearly work beyond your limits and enjoy once again your creative processes at 310-543-1824

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